How to Choose a Removal Company

What affects the type of removal company you choose

Your choice of removal company will depend on a number of factors that you may or may not have thought about. These can include:

  • Amount of furniture you have to move
  • Budget – can you actually afford to pay for a major removal company
  • Distance – if it is local, national or international move will have a big say in the type of removal company you use
  • Value of your possessions
  • Previous experiences – you may have learned the hard way that a professional removal company may cost more, but the value is still there

Making the right choice of removal firm

There is a reason why they say that the most stressful experiences you are likely to encounter in life include dealing with the loss of a loved one, getting married, getting divorced and moving home. As a consequence, choosing the right removals company to help you move home is of critical importance. These are some useful tips to help you choose:

  • Get personal recommendations – everyone moves home at some time or another, so there should be some useful advice available
  • Get quotes – don’t just go for one company – let them know that you are asking for quotes from three companies as that means they will be competitive with their quote
  • People are moving all the time – see who is using which removal companies in your area
  • Estate agents will usually have a list of recommended removal firms

Consider the benefits of a good removal company

Often people say that they don’t need a removal company to help them, after all, how difficult can it be to pack a few boxes? It is only when you start doing a move yourself that you begin to realise why making a sensible choice of removal firm is so logical:

  • Do you really want to do all your own packing?
  • Do you know how to pack items properly?
  • 90% of people underestimate how many boxes they need for items

You should make the move as stress-free as possible, not add to the stress when moving.