Moving checklist

You do not move everyday. Because moving does come with a lot of stress we tried to relieve you from your stress with our moving checklist. Below you can find the most important points not to forget before moving.

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CHECK 1: What you need to think of

Rent termination / sale of your old home
Measure new home
Arrange insurance
 Gas, water and light
 Forward address changes
 Get quotes from moving companies
 Plan your move
 Throw away unnecessary things
Moving boxes and blankets
Transport (big car or bus)
Manage storage space
Get started early packing (see Moving Tips)
 Does my employer cover the costs?
Furnish furniture on time
Old and new house cleaning
Ask friends / family to help
Take care of children / pets moving day
Food and drinks for the moving day
 Get enough cash home
Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer
Clean and fix the washing machine
Pick up curtains and other hanging items
Keep important papers apart
Check rooms for forgotten items
Change cat/dog Chip Address
 Gas and electricity
Hand in old keys
Add New Keys

CHECK 2: Forward address to?

Family members
Friends and acquaintances
Employer and colleagues
(Business) Relationships
General practitioner
Health insurance
Insurance companies
Assurance intermediaries
Garage / car dealership
Trade union
School and training
Postal order companies
Book club
 Tax authorities
 Car tax authorities
Savings programs (like Airmiles)
Fitness club
 School –> for students
Chamber of Commerce
Cancel old contract of energy
Gas company
Ideal time to compare internet, call and TV. Perhaps it may be cheaper and have your new home fiberglass

Water company

CHECK 3: What you need to know for your new home

Sizes of all rooms and other spaces
Height and width of all windows
Possibilities to confirm sun protection
Available space for the fridge
Available space for gas cooker
Place connection Central Antennas system and distance to the place where you want to place the radio and TV
Number and location sockets
Requirements of homeowner
Municipal regulations for placement of antennas
When does the local authority come by?
Is there a connection to the gas network or not?
Does the new house have connection to district heating?
When was the chimney last wiped?
Is there a special connection for electric cooking?
Is it allowed to keep pets in your new home?

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