International Moving

International moving is totally different to moving locally

An international move is completely different to a local move. Not only is there an obvious difference in the distance, but also the time it will take. Remember that unless you are moving within Europe, the chances are that your furniture and possessions will have to travel by sea in a container. This is a slow process, which means that while you may have a home waiting for you at the other end, you won’t have any furniture for a while. An international move will usually involve renting or staying in a hotel until your furniture and belongings turn up.

International removals’ flora and fauna regulations

Another thing to take into consideration when moving abroad is what you are not allowed to bring into your new country. If you have cats and dogs, there can be quarantine restrictions. Many countries will not allow you to bring in a variety of wildlife, including fish and birds, so do your research. Be aware that your international removal company will not transport any form of wildlife, even if it is a hibernating tortoise. Also take into consideration that the same rules often apply to plants and shrubs. Surprisingly there are many restrictions on these as well.

Packing essentials for an international home removal

Knowing that you are going to be without certain items for anything up to a couple of months, create a list of items that you cannot do without and pack accordingly. As you may be flying to your new destination, then clearly these cannot be large bulky items, but they can still make life more enjoyable at the other end. These items can include:

  • Laptops and tablets, plus a Wi-Fi router if you know it will work in your new country.
  • Hair dryer, straighteners, tongs, etc.
  • Radio, selection of CDs and DVDs to help you feel at home
  • Photographs to help with any ‘homesickness’.
  • Favourite mug or cup – everyone has a favourite for their morning tea or coffee
  • Favourite tea and coffee – this will help break you in gently to your new environment

For an international move, think internationally, and what you may immediately need when you have relocated.