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For a successful move, you will have to take into account a number of important things. Good preparation is essential. This prevents nasty last-minute surprises. This website has been created to provide you with all necessary information for a successful move. Use the overview below to discover how you can move efficiently and with as little stress as possible.



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There is a lot involved in moving house

There is nothing wrong with moving yourself, but moving house often involves more work than you think. Moreover, not everyone can move themselves, for example because of a physical disability, age or simply because they don’t have the time. It is important to know what to take into account if you want to move yourself. What is a good planning for the move? Which checklist do you have to go through to make sure you don’t forget anything? How do you get suitable moving boxes cheaply? Where can you find temporary storage space for your household effects? What does moving yourself actually cost? And what does a move mean for your energy contracts? Answers to these questions can be found on this website.


Moving checklist

On our website you can find handy checklists for moving house.

Terminate rent / sell property

Arrange a purchase contract

Arrange a notary

Update the tax authorities

View the extensive checklist on the page: moving checklist.


Move planning

Our move planner is just that little bit different from a checklist. With a planner you go through a checklist per period, for example: what should I arrange 2 weeks in advance? What should I arrange as soon as possible?

Terminate the rental of current house / garage or offer current house for sale

Arrange a mortgage

Arranging insurance

View the complete overview on: moving plans.


Moving tips

If you have often experienced a move, you will also have useful tips. We will be happy to share these with you.

1 BEGIN IN TIME Start well in time. Start packing as soon as you have moving boxes or storage space available.. Pack a few boxes every day.

2 ORGANISATION Pack each room separately. Use separate boxes for each room. This comes in handy when you start unpacking again. Make sure you can find frequently used items quickly by writing on the boxes what is in them.

3 MEASURE Know what does and what does not fit through the door. Measure large items like a couch and see if it can pass through the door. It is very frustrating if you have to find out afterwards.

View the complete overview at: moving tips.


Do you want to move yourself or call in a removal company?

Every year, a lot of people move in almost the same way: renting a van as transport, collecting boxes at the supermarket around the corner, asking friends, acquaintances and family members for help and tearing up and down ten times from the old to the new home. The question is what is wiser: move yourself or outsource the move? Outsourcing can save you a lot of time and effort. However, you can also save money by moving yourself. It is wise to compare the pros and cons and the costs of both options. This way you can make a well-considered choice.


Costs of moving firm

Would you like to outsource a move? Then it’s wise to consider the average prices in a handy overview.


Option             Number of movers                 Moving service

Cheap             1 mover                                  n. a.

Efficient          2 movers                                – Pack items.

Large home    4 movers                                – Pack items

– Odd jobs after the move.


Read more on the page: costs of moving firm. Also read: what does moving yourself cost.


The advantages of outsourcing

In principle, it is not difficult to move yourself, as long as you are prepared to do the work. If you engage a removal company, everything will be arranged for you. You can think of packing and unpacking things, the transport of the goods and possibly temporary storage of your things. A professional mover has years of experience, which enables him to work very quickly and efficiently. This means you will experience a much more stress-free move. Moreover, you can have your belongings insured (which is not the case if you move yourself). Your belongings will be moved safely and intact by the mover.


Useful tips for moving

In the video below, you can see some practical tips that we would like to share with you. See the complete removal tips list on the page: 21 removal tips.


Types of moves

Different issues are involved in every type of move. There are three types of moves:

– Private

– Business relocation

– International move

For example, an international move involves much more than a private move. It is important to have an international move handled by a professional moving company. This way you can be sure that your belongings will arrive safely and securely. Besides the private and international move, there is also the business move. To make a business move as smooth as possible, it is important to appoint a coordinator.


A successful move?

Everyone who is going to move naturally wants the move to be as quick and efficient as possible. This website has been created to help you with your move. Discover more on this website, for example about the possibilities of a removal company and a do-it-yourself move. Compare the costs and then make a well-considered choice. Also read the checklist and plan carefully so you don’t forget important things. Would you like a successful move? Then use our moving guide:


Use our moving guide


After the move

We would like to offer you a complete service. After the move (or even before) you can decide to rebuild one or more parts of your home. It may be that you want a new floor, an alarm system, plastic window frame, dormer, insulation, a new layer of paint, solar panels or something else. In that case it is wise to call in a professional and ask for advice. In addition, the cost is important. Fortunately, we have tips for you so you can save money on jobs in and around the house after you move. Read on.


Moving house? Compare movers!

Outsourcing your move doesn’t have to be expensive! Discover this for yourself by receiving up to 6 quotations from local movers and make a well-considered choice!

Choosing a good removal company can be critical to a successful or stressful move, and we know which you will be aiming for. However the professionalism and reliability of your removal company will ideally make it a good moving experience, both physically and emotionally, and a move that goes without a hitch. A great deal of the success of your move will depend on how much you allow a professional removal company to do and what you are prepared to do yourself. However don’t expect your movers to do absolutely everything for you on the day. It would be unreasonable to put too much pressure on them, especially if you are moving a substantial household.


The best advice we can give you is to arrange for a number of firms to come out and give you a quote – take a cross section from major national movers, to well-known local firms. Often the local firms will give you more of a personal service as they want a recommendation from you. Local businesses thrive on local feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Make a comparison

Once you have invited your removal firms out, here is a list of useful questions you should ask in order to make a fair comparison:

  • How many people will they be bringing
  • What do they require you to do in advance of their arrival
  • What type of insurance cover do they offer
  • When would they anticipate vacating the property
  • The obvious question that they may not be able to give you on the day is the actual cost, and what is included within the cost

If you are still unsure who to choose after doing this, then your next step is to ask around and see if anyone you know has used any of the removal companies you are considering yourself. If you are finding it hard to decide, then often it may well come down to something as simple as price.

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