Moving homeChoosing a good removal company can be critical to a successful or stressful move, and we know which you will be aiming for. However the professionalism and reliability of your removal company will ideally make it a good moving experience, both physically and emotionally, and a move that goes without a hitch. A great deal of the success of your move will depend on how much you allow a professional removal company to do and what you are prepared to do yourself. However don’t expect your movers to do absolutely everything for you on the day. It would be unreasonable to put too much pressure on them, especially if you are moving a substantial household.


The best advice we can give you is to arrange for a number of firms to come out and give you a quote – take a cross section from major national movers, to well-known local firms. Often the local firms will give you more of a personal service as they want a recommendation from you. Local businesses thrive on local feedback and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Make a comparison

Once you have invited your removal firms out, here is a list of useful questions you should ask in order to make a fair comparison:

  • How many people will they be bringing
  • What do they require you to do in advance of their arrival
  • What type of insurance cover do they offer
  • When would they anticipate vacating the property
  • The obvious question that they may not be able to give you on the day is the actual cost, and what is included within the cost

If you are still unsure who to choose after doing this, then your next step is to ask around and see if anyone you know has used any of the removal companies you are considering yourself. If you are finding it hard to decide, then often it may well come down to something as simple as price.

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