Change of address? Check out this checklist

It is not without reason that most people experience moving as one of the most stressful moments in their lives. If you are planning to move from one house to another there are a lot of things you need to take care of. While focussing on one thing you easily forget another, which often results in last minute panic. To avoid these stressful situations, make sure to create a checklist well before the moving day arrives. By doing so, you assure yourself of a smoothly running process on the day itself. In fact, once you have settled into your new home, you could very well be looking back at a joyous event.

Your mail and magazine subscriptions

There are two ways to change your address in order to make sure that your mail, magazines and catalogues are sent to your new home:

  1. at the Post Office
  2. Online

Please note that changing your address is free at the post office, whereas you need to pay a fee for your online address change.

Changing your address at the Post Office

At the post office you can pick up a so-called “change of address-form”. There are two types of these forms. One form applies when your move is a temporary one, the other form is meant for a permanent move. In case you temporarily move to another address, your mail, magazines and catalogues will be forwarded for a period up to six months.

Both forms need to be filled out completely with your name, your old address, your new address and the date of move. You are also able to select which magazines and catalogues you wish to receive at your new address. Once you have handed in your filled out form, your address change will be taken care of by the post office in a timely manner.

How to change your address online

If you prefer to change your address online, please visit the post office website and follow the indicated steps after you have selected “change of address”:

  • Read the terms of service, including the handling fee. If you agree to them, select “continue”.
  • Indicate whether your move is a temporary or a permanent one and again, you select “continue”.
  • Select the type of your move: individual/family/business. Select “continue” again.
  • Enter name, old address, new address and date of move. Also indicate which magazines and/or catalogues you wish to receive at your new address. After you have done so, you will be requested to enter your e-mail address twice for confirmation purpose. Select “continue”.
  • At this point your identity needs to be verified. Either your social security number, your birthdate or your mobile phone number is required. You also need to indicate your preferred method of payment to change your address. Select “submit”.
  • You are now able to select special offers which are available in the area of your new address. This might include welcome offers from the local grocery, cable discounts and magazine subscriptions. Select whatever you desire and click “continue”.
  • You have now reached the final step. By selecting the “confirm-button”, your change of address is effective as of the date you have indicated.

Do not forget any of your household effects

Make sure to do another walkthrough once you think you emptied out each room of your old home. Check the garage, cupboards, closets, drawers and the attic to assure yourself you left nothing behind. You would not be the first to forget that special storage place in the store room or kitchen. It is also important to take your time while checking every corner and space of the house.

Turn off the heating and the water supply

Before you leave your old home: make sure to set your heating system in the right way. Depending on the time of year, we advise you to turn off the heating system in such a way that it is only protected from frost. The same goes for the water supply. If in winter your house remains empty for a while, make sure to turn off the water. By doing so, you will avoid frozen pipes. This will be much appreciated by the new residents.

The final cleaning is essential

Once the movers have left it is important to clean anything which became dirty. Mop and sweep all your floors, especially those surfaces where your furniture was placed. Through a thorough final cleaning you are much more likely to receive your deposit back in case you rented your old house.

Things to leave behind

As a final step, make sure to leave all the keys of every household member on the kitchen counter for the new residents. A key which is often forgotten is the garage door opener, so do remember this key as well. A much appreciated gesture: leaving a welcome note for the new homeowners, next to the keys. In this note you could write a few instructions, for example on how the backdoor lock opens.