Costs of using a moving firm

The costs of a move depend on several factors. Below you can read what the costs of a moving company depend on.

Simply put, we can list three important factors that largely determine the costs:

  • The costs of the moving firm itself
  • The costs of transport: think of a removal van (and storage if necessary).
  • The travel distance (travel expenses)

Moving company costs

Moving house involves a lot of physical work. Loading and unloading the removal van is the work of a professional moving company. You can also hire professionals, however, for packing and for the assembly and disassembly of furniture, for example. On average, you need at least three movers for an efficient and smooth move. Of course, this does not apply to all moves, because every move is different, but nonetheless: the more movers there are, the faster the move will happen. In fact, in some cases you can save money by using multiple movers. On average you can count on an hourly rate from 25-30 GBP per hour for an extra mover. Below you will find an indication of the costs for various types of moves:

Option                 Number of movers        Extra moving service     Total costs

Cheap                  1 mover                             – n. a.                                    360-520 GBP

Efficient               2 movers                            – packing                             700-850 GBP

Large house       4 movers                            – packing                             1100-1400 GBP

– odd jobs after the move

Price construction of a moving firm


Transportation costs

Of course, you also want to know what the transport costs will be. First of all, a moving company will look at what type of moving van is needed. In the case of a very large move, a larger moving van will be chosen. On average we can say that a moving van of 20 m3 with a driver will cost about 50-60 GBP per hour. A moving van of 50 m3 with a driver will cost about 60-70 GBP per hour. In almost all cases, the driver of a removal van also assists with the move itself.

Travel costs

It is important to know what the distance between the moving company’s office and your home is. After all, you will be charged (per km) from the moment the van starts driving. Often, however, you get a certain number of kilometres for free. If you opt for a local mover, you will often get the first 20 kilometres for free. At national moving companies this is much more, often between 60-100 km. Per additional kilometre, you can count on an amount between 0.50 and 1.00 GBP.

Other costs

In addition to the above costs of a moving company, there are also other costs. In certain cases, for example, a parking permit is required. The moving van should be placed in front of your home for the most efficient move possible. If this isn’t possible, the moving company will have to get a parking permit from the local council. The price for this can be up to 50 GBP, or even more in London. Below, we have created an overview of the other costs for ease of reference.

Type of job        Costs per hour (average)            Description of service

Odd jobs             +-35 GBP/h                                        – Assembly / disassembly of furniture

– Repairs and painting

Packing                +-35 GBP/h                                       – Packing furniture

– Great result guaranteed due to expertise

Elevator service +-60 GBP/h                                      – Elevator assistance for apartments

– To move refrigerators, sofas etc.

Piano moving    +- 180-315 GBP                                – Safe move thanks to expertise

– Includes piano insurance

Parking permit +-15-50 GBP                                      – Prices can vary greatly per location

– This will usually make the move go faster

Storage                +-90 GBP/ 30 m³                              – Store household items during move

– Also handy for superfluous items

Express & weekend service

You can also choose to outsource a removal to a removal company as an express service or at weekends. Many moving companies will, however, charge higher weekend prices. Be smart and save money by moving during the week if you decide to outsource the move. The surcharges can be up to 25 percent on Saturdays and 75 percent on Sundays. The costs for an express move differ per removal company. These costs depend on the number of movers still available at the company on that day.

Price tag

Above you have been able to see what the average costs of a moving company are. For an overview of the exact prices, it is best to request multiple quotations from various moving companies in your region.