Costs of moving yourself

As you no doubt know, moving house involves a lot of work. Of course you want to save on the costs of a move. You could do this by moving yourself. In this article you can read about the costs of moving oneself. The question is, of course, whether you have the capacities and the time to do so. Outsourcing may be an easy way out.


One of the most important aspects of a move is transport. In order to move as efficiently as possible, it is wise to rent a van/small truck. On average this will cost you about 60 to 120 GBP per day. On top of this comes the cost of fuel. In addition to the costs of a removal van, you also need other removal items, such as: a hand truck, blankets and removal boxes. A small family needs 30 to 40 moving boxes, and for every 5 moving boxes, you can expect pay an average of 10 GBP. You can, of course, also save money by using old cardboard boxes, but the question is whether this is sensible. Are the boxes still sturdy? Then you can certainly use them.

Storage space

What you can do alternatively is hire a moving container. Here you can temporarily store your belongings. A moving company will then move the container to a desired location, after which you can unload the items yourself. The costs of a storage facility can vary, and depend on the storage area. For example, for 12 m3 you might pay about 27 – 37 GBP per month. Please note that you usually also have to pay a deposit (for example: 65 GBP).


You will also have to buy snacks / food if family and acquaintances want to help with the move. These costs must also be taken into account. Finally, it is important to know that when you move yourself, your belongings are not insured (usually). Do you have a removal company to arrange your move? Then your belongings are usually insured.

Costs after move

Of course it is also wise to take into account the costs after a move. Below is a list of any additional costs.

Rental contract costs (deposit)

Costs for taking over things such as flooring, a cupboard…

Costs of electricity and gas connection

Costs of phone and Internet connection

Home furnishing costs

Furnishing costs garden

Council tax costs (can vary from old situation)

Travel costs work (may vary from old situation)

Energy bill cost (can vary from old situation)

Good to know!

Before you decide to move yourself, it is wise to investigate the costs of a removal company. Sometimes outsourcing can be a better option than moving oneself. It can do no harm to compare. You can receive multiple quotations from movers from your region and compare prices. This can save you up to 30%.