Removal and transport

To move all your furniture and belongings from A to B, there are various transport options. Few people can use a truck because you need a special, professional driving licence for this. However, there are other options.

Do you want to rent a moving van?

Moving vans (up to 3500 kg) are not usually a problem for drivers with a standard category B licence. The choice of transport depends on the size of the things to be removed. Distance is also important.

Need a truck?

To transport a large quantity of goods over a few hundred kilometres, the use of a truck is more economical. If the same quantity of goods has to be transported over a relatively short distance, it is better to make two journeys per van than one per truck.

Make sure during the move that you properly secure all items in the means of transport and drive gently. Use blankets to prevent damage to furniture. Upon arrival, you must be careful of loose items that can fall out of the van or truck.

Where can you arrange transport?

You can rent vans, containers and (small) trucks from car rental companies, all over the country.

Pay close attention to the rental price and conditions. Continue to check the general condition of the vehicle thoroughly. Check for scratches and dents. Don’t forget to check the water and oil levels. Verify that the spare wheel, jack, instruction booklet, warning triangle, first aid kit and all necessary papers are in the vehicle. Do not hesitate to mention the slightest problem in the contract. Also check if the vehicle tank is full at collection and make sure that the tank is full again when you return the vehicle.

Moving containers are increasingly popular

Alternatively, you can use a moving container. More and more often we see that people with large household effects make use of this. Early in the morning, the container is placed in the spot of your choice, and then it is transported. Discover the possibilities of a moving container.