Insure your move

If you are going to move house soon, it is wise to look at your insurance policies. Do you know, for example, about insurance for your household effects? Or whether they are insured during a move? Have you checked your insurance policy or have you been informed by an insurance advisor?

It is sensible to do so early on. You must also inform your insurance company of your change of address. If you do not do this, your insurance may lapse after a certain period of time.

What you also need to look at in advance are the policy conditions of your personal property insurance and – if you are going to work with a removal company – the insurance possibilities during transport.

Personal property insurance

This insurance usually only applies as long as the contents are at the address indicated in the policy. If the household effects are moved (and possibly stored in the meantime), more limited conditions often apply with regard to ‘cover outside the home’.

This means that if something happens to your household effects during the move, the policy will usually offer more limited cover. This, in turn, has consequences for the compensation of damages. However, there are personal property insurance policies that provide cover during a removal against the damage resulting from an accident with the means of transport (the moving van).

But if the move or storage takes longer than the period mentioned in the personal property policy, it may be wise to think of a separate insurance policy. So before you move, check your personal property policy or ask your insurer.

Moving company covers possible damage

If you leave the move to a professional moving company, it is generally the case that the latter must compensate the damage caused by his actions. This reimbursement takes place on the basis of the current market value and not on the basis of the new value.

This includes damages incurred while loading or unloading, packing or unpacking, disassembly and assembling, the death of plants, defects of electronic equipment, etc. It is important to inform yourself about this before the move. This can also be an important way to compare different moving companies!

Taking out additional insurance

You can also take out a separate insurance policy via the moving company. The premium for this extra insurance is at your own expense. If you suffer any damage, report it immediately to the movers. Additionally, you can also take out a personal property or home insurance policy with which you can insure your home and its contents against damage by yourself or by family members.